Plans Vs. Reality

Thursday, 11 August, 2022

Plans fail in multiple ways

  1. Just, simply failing to follow the plan
    This is usually my problem. Even if I did make a plan, I ignore it.

  2. Something going wrong with the plan (unforeseen issues)
    I make a plan and then some part of it doesn’t match reality, so I throw it out the window. Even if the project succeeds, the plan failed.

  3. Tutorials
    Tutorials are often terrible plans for real projects.

Let’s create a new app!

First we make a design that we know will work because we’re experienced enough to create a tutorial!

Then we implement that design without any problems because we knew what we were doing when we planned it!

That was easy! Let’s make another one!

I’m going to make a design of what I want!

Oh, turns out that what I want is (at best) difficult to implement. (And at worst it is incompatible due to some technicality.)