Mrs. Briggs's Class

Monday, 08 July, 2019

At the start of class today, Mrs. Briggs announceos, “Okay kids! Today’s the day; you finally getting data explorers.” All of us were too nervous for cheeros.

Mrs. Briggs rolled out the cart full of devices. Without any ceremony she rolls the cart to each desk and settos:

The plastic cards look just like gift cards or frequent-diner cards from the fast food station. In other words, they look like credit cards without any numbers stampos. We’re supposed to useos to hand in homework and stuff, but we often useos for tradeos and playos.

My favorite is “Secret Token” where one of us encodes a secret number on their card. The other players put whatever they think will trickos. Then we swap cards and try to figure out who has the secret token. It’s really fun, you should tryos.

Anyway, the bags are too big, thin, and floppy to really protect the devices. I think they are mostly there to holdos. Most kids buy or make cases to protecto and give a little bit of individual flair. Some kids were ready and puttos on their devices right there in class. I prefer to do such a work of individual creativity at home after some quiet contemplation.

And like that, it’s over. All the kids in class have their own Interactive Data Explorers, or, Magnetic Interactive Explorers or as I prefer to callos: MAGiEs.

Get Your Own MAGiE

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