v3.0 RC 1 Release Notes

Tuesday, 06 August, 2019

Here are the beta links

TestFlight for iPhone

Google Play Store Beta for Android.

I intend for v3.0 to be the version to go live in the App Store and Google Play store.

There are some slight game-play changes in this version. But mostly we’re testing the levels and puzzles. So if a later puzzle explains some confusion you had earlier, let me know and we’ll try to get it fixed.

Known Issues

1. Flaky Ad

The ad shows on the Menu screen for everyone. On phones that are 16x9 aspect ratio, once you select a level and start playing puzzles, the ad should disappear.

If your phone is taller than 16x9, then the ad will stay at the bottom of the screen even when solving puzzles. (I know the iPhone X series and the Samsung Galaxy flagships are this way. Not sure which other phones.)

There is an unsolved issue where sometimes the ad stays on the screen even on 16x9 screens.


The ad usually disappears correctly when you go back to the menu by tapping the little three-lines menu button and then going back to the puzzle.

If you have any ad problems, please let me know.

2. Incorrect Decoding is Too Long

There is an issue on decode puzzles. (Decode puzzles are where you type with the keyboard, not where you put in bits yourself.)

If you enter a decoding that has more bits than the message, the extra bits are not shown at all and the puzzle is not correct, but it is hard to tell why. The worst situation is if you make only the last letter too long when there is no ending punctuation.


If the correct decoding is BITS and you type BITZ, then all the bits will light up green, but the puzzle will not win.

There is no workaround other than getting the bits exactly right. We’ll probably figure out how to represent this situation later, but for now it’s just a gotcha.