Saturday, 20 April, 2019

Three Cassette Players!


So cool! TCP: Tripple Cassette Player!! Two in front and one in the top. And the top one came out like a Walkman!!!!!!!!! And just look at that equalizer! So many bands! Actually, they were hard-linked into imaginary stereo pairs. The volume was actually separate left and right controls.

I don’t know how many Dr. Demento Shows got recorded on that thing. But it was a lot! The show started at 10pm on Sunday night. So I’d listen and pause for commercials until the first side of the tape was full. Then I’d flip the tape over. (Auto-reverse? we’re not there yet, Sport.) After the tape got flipped I’d pause a couple more commercials and then allow myself to fall asleep. I didn’t have auto-reverse, but I did have auto-stop; it was 1987, after all.

Most (but not all) of the time it would catch the end of the show.

Before too long I acquired a C120 two-hour cassette that could catch the whole show even if I didn’t pause for commercials. Unfortunately, I only had one C120, so I couldn’t archive the shows. I just recorded each show over the last one and then listened to it in pieces all week long. Usually I’d finish on Saturdays while I mowed the lawn.