Some Hypotheses

Monday, 20 May, 2019


1. More people would be excited if learning computer science concepts was more fun.

There have already been many attempts at “computer science for kids” and “teaching kids to code”. Lots of them are lame. Some of them are great!

2. Some tedious computer chores that have been eliminated were actually kind of fun.

Learning assembly and writing programs with it has a certain charm. There are already games about that. What about toggling instructions into the front panel of some old mini-computer?

3. If people understood how simple computers really are, they would be less intimidated.

4. There are enough practical code camps but not enough sources to learn low-level details.

5. Constraint breeds creativity.

6. Game rules are the best way to apply artificial constraints.

More To Come…

This post is incomplete - I’ll post some updates when I get this more fleshed out.