Welcome to MAGiE!

Thursday, 11 July, 2019

  1. Welcome to MAGiE!

  2. MAGiE is an interactive tool for exploring data stored in magnetic stripes and tapes.

  3. It is a MAGnetic Interactive Explorer.

  4. To receive a message, simply swipe the card. You will then see all the bits of the encoded message appear on the screen. Some messages (especially the messages in this tutorial) include a section of introductory text that will be decoded automatically to the screen. This is called the “Clue”. Once you see the (optional) clue and all the encoded bits of the message, you can start Decoding the message using the keyboard.

  5. Your MAGiE device will confirm that your decoding is correct by lighting up the bits as you type the correct letters.

  6. Incorrect letters with bit patterns that partially match the bit patterns of the correct letters will light up some of the bits. This can be confusing at first, but with time it will be easy to understand your mistakes and correct your decoding.

  7. To send a message, you will first Encode your message and then you will slowly swipe a card to record the message to the magnetic stripe. Some examples and lessons are provided to help you learn to encode messages. These lessons will also include some Clue text. The lessons include a correct answer. As you encode answers, the bit patterns that match the correct answer will light up to let you know you are correct. Some encoding schemes will also display the decoded letter next to your encoded bits to help you learn the bit patterns.

  8. Later you will encode homework assignments onto cards and hand them in to your teacher. But for now, just complete the lessons in this tutorial.

  9. You will be permitted to use your MAGiE for personal communications and activities, but schoolwork must come first.

  10. Have fun! The better you get at encoding the bit patterns for letters, the faster you will be able to encode your homework and messages to your friends!

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