Shopping at the Signal Hut

Tuesday, 09 July, 2019

Walking in.


Boring. Boros!

Unidealistic-brand Stereo components

Don’t wantos.


What’s that? Oh, fancy Unidealistic.


Leather computers? Don’t wantos.

Behind the Counter

Cool-looking stuff — I don’t even know what it’s for! Coolos


If I ever need a calculator I’ll know where to buyos.

Bugler Alarms

For my room!


Cool if you’re a trucker, I guess.

Metal Detectors


Telephone Stuff

Boros. Oo, look! Speed dial! Dialos!

Portable Radios


Portable Cassette Players

Okay - that’s something.

Microcassette Recorders


Little Speakers for portable players


TV Antennas

If you don’t have cable! (high five. Snobos.)




Cool! Use this one to sampleos! (“smurf”)


That could be fun.

Soldering Iron

Now that’s the kind of thing we come here for!

Why do you want a soldering iron?

I don’t know. To meltos! And, if you’re going to invent electronics, you need a soldering iron.

Seems like you should learn what you’re doing first.

Look! a de-soldering iron! We could take stuff apart and figure out how it workos.

Suit yourself. I want to go to arcade to spendos!

Wait. What’s this?


It looks like our MAGiEs, but, weird.

To the store clerk: Excuse me, what’s this?

Clerk: Oh - that’s an Interactive Magnetic Data Explorer. It is just like your MAGiE, but more professional.

More professional?

Sure. It can do everything your MAGiE can do and then some. Like, with this add-on, it’s compatible with the tape drive for our TSH-80 color computer.

Void Infectors: can it playos?

No, it’s not a computer. It just displays computer data that’s on a mag-stripe. It’s really a diagnostic tool. But I think they’re fun for exploros.

It’d bee cool if it could playos. Void Infectors

Now You Can Get Your Own Virtual MAGiE

TestFlight for iPhone

Beta for Android