Draft Outline, June 2020

Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Proti gets device in class

Over time, Proti gets familiar with it.

Proti goes to the mall to hang out and discovers all the cool stuff at The Signal Hut.

Proti spends hours and hours decoding alpha-length puzzles.

Later Proti learns that if you slide open the keyboard, you can put in 1’s and 0’s instead of just letters. But it’s hard because there are bare contacts exposed. Proti needs to go to The Signal Hut to buy some buttons!

The Signal Hut crew takes Proti under their wing.

Proti spends a while encoding alpha-length puzzles. But that’s a lot of 1’s!

Proti’s new Signal-Hut friends teach Proti about 5bA1 encoding.

Proti spends hours encoding and decoding 5bA1 puzzles.

Mr. Scrowl catches Proti doing puzzles in class and shows Proti that the big computer at the school uses a 7-bit encoding: 7bA41. Mr. Scrowl lets Proti feed in some messages and then shows Proti how a simple program works.

Proti shares Proti’s newfound knowledge with Proti’s Signal-Hut friends. The Friends all smile knowingly and introduce Proti to the 8bA41 encoding used by the TSH-80. The Friends show Proti how to dump programs from the computer onto a stack of cards. Then, of course, The Friends try to sell Proti a stack of cards. But Proti doesn’t have much money, and the stack of cards that came with MAGiE should be enough.

Proti recognizes the TSH-80 card slot on the mopping robots at the mall. Later, Proti tries feeding it some of the TSH-80 programs and the programs more-or-less work.

Next time Proti goes to the mall, Proti brings the stack of cards and dumps the program out of the mopping bot. Proti embarks on a program to reverse-engineer the mop bots.

Proti has some success and then gets busted and tries to reprogram the security bots (or the doors at the mall jail) (or both). Proti finds that the security bots’s protgrams are protected by some kind of code.

Eventually Proti figures out how to bypass the locks, now Proti pwns the mall.

Something happens:

  1. Bad guys, or
  2. Reprogrammed robots go awry
  3. Both

Now Proti has to save the mall from the badguys.