Proti's character arc

Tuesday, 06 April, 2021

Base Outline Character-Arc Article

A coming-of-age story with character vs machine… or environment. It is a machine part of the environment? Is little guy vs The System and example of “man vs environment” or “man vs man”?

Change/transformation arc

“The lie your character believes”

Proti believes that grown-ups and teachers have everything under control and will give Proti everything Proti needs to get through life.

How will Proti discover the truth?

Perhaps Proti will discover Bits. Some of the grown ups will have useful advise to get Proti started. But soon they will run out of helpful knowledge about Bits.

How will that discovery change Proti?

Proti will have to study and learn without much help from the parents and teachers.


Growth arc

hm - article says mostly for secondary character.

Fall arc

doubt it.